An Excerpt From Dreams in Isolation: The World in Shadow; Poems of Hope and Resilience by Melissa A. Chappell

Excellent well accomplished material by the poetess! Also resolution for the literate peoples!

Alien Buddha Press


Do you remember,

as the alarm bells were crying,

how we were silent in the radiant light,

our blood roiling red with the ruins of the sun.

Do you remember,

as the warnings were rising,

how we once lowered the moon

till it lay pale on our backs.

Do you remember,

as the virus spread across the world,

how once we curled, small, like a fiddlehead fern,

forgetting everything,

forgetting everything.

Elmhurst, O Elmhurst

Elmhurst, the only public hospital in New York State was founded to serve the poor in 1832.

It serves Western Queens County.

Elmhurst, O Elmhurst,

I did not know you in your mothering shift

of glass and mortar.

I ticked off your name in my mind

as you caught my ear on the morning radio:



This, as I authored my own survival.

Perhaps I may be one of the remnant.

Perhaps this wasting…

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